About Us

For over 10 years, Altalena has provided the food service and manufacturing industry with the highest-quality bulk food ingredients at competitive prices. We ensure our customers are treated with personal care and recognize each one as an integral part of our business and success. Our products are sourced in bulk from global locations such as Chile and Peru and we verify that each of our products are native from their country of origin. We love our customers and work hard to be sure their orders are always on time. It’s our privilege to serve them and provide solutions, not problems. We care deeply about our product quality, and the health of our beautiful planet. Our inventory includes a distinctive combination of certified organic, kosher and raw ingredients. Our product selection includes nuts, seeds, beans, grains, superfood powders, fruit powders, sweeteners, and functional ingredients.

Altalena Sees the World as Beautiful

As we continue our business operations, we’ve seen the world economic system continue to surround the entire planet and inheritably ignore the footprint humans and technology leave. Impressing upon society, businesses tend to have a narrow view of the effects manufacturing and development have on global health and the environment. We see the world as a living, breathing place to enjoy nature and life as a whole. As a team, we know how beautiful our planet is and we desire to counter the decaying conditions brought on by emergent business development. Our evolving vision recognizes by acting now to improve and enhance the health of our environment, we also improve our own health as a people. Our action plan includes preventing waste, saving resources, and giving back to the earth through recycling.

Our Vision for Sustainability

Altalena knows by taking action and making changes, our business model improves, and our services and product offerings become more valuable to the consumer and the health of the planet. Part of our goal is to motivate other businesses and organizations to follow good earth practices by our example. Our first steps in sustainability begin at home in our offices as we seek to create a green, zero waste workspace through assessing and modifying our business practices. Product packaging and shipping materials are part of an evaluation to recycle and reuse all materials, eliminating the strain on waste processing plants. We are looking at all the areas of our business profile to do better for the planet and still maintain our excellent customer service and superior product. As we work towards taking care of the planet, our strategy includes presenting businesses with the best food ingredients developed without harming the earth and depleting natural resources. All our food items are chosen for their quality, superior nutrition, health benefits, and taste. We learn about the country of origin for each product to be sure of not only grade, but social and economic consciousness of the business models in that location. Altalena excels in preventing food waste during production and embraces the mission of offering the best health conscious food alternatives. We work to be an agent for change, instilling sustainability practices in all areas with the hope more companies will follow our example. Not only do we offer customers the finest product, we ultimately help facilitate access to a healthier, better world for all people. We’ve also begun the process of joining 1% for the Planet, an organization whose members donate and volunteer for environmental nonprofits.
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