The time for sustainability is NOW!

Sustainability is a growing business priority as a result of Covid-19,  research shows

The importance of sustainable packaging, food waste and supply chain within the food and beverage industry has become vital due to the notable damage that is being done on a daily basis to our beloved planet.

In saying that, as 2021 advances, this has become a priority for many business owners and we are seeing effective activities that address the urge for them to show consideration for the environment and become greener.

The first trend to talk about is Sustainable packaging. Now a days, companies are starting to implement eco-friendly and sustainable packaging by using compostable, recycled and biodegradable materials.  Not only does this help the planet ENORMOUSLY, it also enhances a brand´s image.

Secondly, Food waste. Many businesses are finding innovative ways to address food loss in order to foster a zero-waste supply chain. Why? Because reducing food waste is essential to addressing food insecurity and mitigating climate change.

Lastly, Supply Chain. Businesses are taking action by managing their own supply chain due to the insane pressure the global food system is under because of the impacts of climate change.

At Altalena, we thrive to show awareness, taking action and making a real difference to give our planet the respect it truly deserves.

Understanding our own contribution, planning and adjusting it to align with the environment has become increasingly relevant in the collective consciousness.

What can we do to improve?

Reduce: Be more efficient.

Reuse: Find additional uses in the life cycle of materials and the products that use them.

Recycle: At the end of its use, recover as many resources as possible and return to the beginning.

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