About Pure Ashwagandha Powder: Getting the Maximum Nutrients from the Superfood

Traditionally grown in dryer climates throughout India, Africa, and the Middle East, ashwagandha’s rising popularity continues to push the superfood to milder climates. Bright yellow flowers and bold red fruit branch out of the shrub. Once milled into a powder, ashwagandha’s distinct cream like color sets it apart from the long list of other superfoods. Using ashwagandha powder that is both pure and potent ensures that you get all of the benefits the herb has to offer. However, finding the right pure ashwagandha powder may feel overwhelming if you are new to the superfood. Fortunately, we’ve made it a little easier!

Active Ingredients
Active ingredients or withanolides are found in and out of your favorite superfoods. The health benefits touted by a superfood are attributed to the number of active ingredients present in the food. The higher the concentration of active ingredients, the more potent the ashwagandha powder is.

Certified Organic
Whether a superfood is classified as organic or non-organic boils down to how the food is grown. Ingredients grown using healthy soil are often given the exclusive ‘organic’ title while others are not. In a more general sense, healthy soil is free of pesticides and other contaminants. As a result, organic superfoods are often revered over their non-organic counterparts. Certified organic pure ashwagandha powder is grown in healthy soil to ensure that the herb remains pure and free of toxins. Naturally a rich creamy color, differences in soil quality can also result in various shades of ashwagandha powder. You may notice some powders that are lighter while others are slightly darker.

Ashwagandha powder gives off a hint of bitterness that is delicately masked by an earthy fragrance. On its own, the taste and smell of pure ashwagandha powder can be overwhelming to someone who is trying out the powder for the first time. The herb’s ability to seamlessly blend with other superfood powders and ingredients is what makes it a long-time favorite. It works well in anything from smoothie bowls to light morning teas. Traditionally, pure ashwagandha powder is taken alongside milk and honey to create a calming tea that you can enjoy before bed or after a long day of work.

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